24 съвета за гмуркане

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24 съвета за гмуркане

Мнениеот drifter » пет юли 29, 2016 2:53 pm

1. Get into good shape
2. Practice breath holds at home
3. Bring a diving buddy
4. Dive on an empty stomach
5. Use long (freediving) fins
6. Wear a wetsuit
7. Wear a weight belt
8. Use a low volume mask
9. Use a simple snorkel
10. Time your dives
11. Warm up before diving deep
12. Relax mentally and physically
13. Exhale completely before taking your breath
14. Take your snorkel out
15. Dive down lifting one leg out of the water
16. Dive vertically, not diagonally
17. Equalize your ears before they hurt
18. Equalize your mask
19. Avoid tilting your head very far back
20. Move slowly and efficiently
21. Believe in yourself with confidence
22. Push yourself a little at a time
23. Know your limit
24. Time your surface intervals

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Re: 24 съвета за гмуркане

Мнениеот lipless » вт авг 02, 2016 5:15 pm

за т.13 никога не се бях замислял, че трябва да "изпомпаш" всички я въздух от дробовете преди да ги напълниш пак

Върни се в “Гмуркане и подводен риболов”

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